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Medicaid Waiver Information Center
Partnership of Private and Public Organizations

The Medicaid Waiver Information Center provides information, materials, workshops, and advocacy meetings about Virginia Medicaid Home and Community-Based Waiver Services. The Waiver Information Center strives to present information that is understandable and practical.

The Waiver Information Center was established by 45 community organizations throughout Virginia. The Waiver Information Center is administered by the Endependence Center in Norfolk and was established with a Virginia Board for People with Disabilities grant in 2000. The community organizations provide support for advocates from their organizations to conduct workshops and provide information to the general public.

MentorsĀ are people in your community who represent disability organizations throughout Virginia. The Medicaid Waiver Mentors are supported by their organization to receive training on Medicaid, to conduct workshops and to provide information about Medicaid Waivers to people in their community. Contact information is on page 37.

Contact the Waiver Information Center for more information about the following:

Workshops can be held in your community to share information about Virginia Medicaid Waivers. Contact the Center to schedule a workshop or for information about scheduled workshops.

Individual assistance and information about Virginia Medicaid Waivers are available from the Mentors and the Waiver Information Center.

Materials such as this Guide, workshop handouts and other documents are available.

Virginia Medicaid Waiver Network advocates for improvement of Virginia Medicaid Waiver services. The Network was established by the Mentors and includes various disability organizations and individuals working together. Meetings are several times a year.

866-323-1088 toll free

757-461-8007 Tidewater

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